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Striving to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease by Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

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Bienestar/NEEMA Health Program

Bienestar/NEEMA Preschool Through 8th Grade Bilingual Coordinated School Health Programs


The Social & Health Research Center

Innovative and Evidence-Based Health Programs to Control Obesity and Associated Chronic Disease


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Implementing Health Programs to Address Chronic Diseases



The Social & Health Research Center (SAHRC) is a nonprofit center committed to the social and health wellbeing of populations at-risk. SAHRC works to improve health behaviors with innovative and evidence-based health programs to control obesity and associated chronic disease and to design better instruments to evaluate program effectiveness. 

Community Health BieneStar Adult Healthy Lifestyle Program

The BieneStar Adult Healthy Lifestyle Program is an educational-based, behavioral therapy, diabetes prevention program in partnership with the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program. We firmly believe that when our clients are more educated about nutrition and health, they are more likely to make healthier decisions for themselves and their families.

Education and self-monitoring are two key components of our program. BieneStar Adult Healthy Lifestyle Program requires our clients to commit themselves to the program for one full year to prevent disease and promote health.

SCHOOL HEALTH Coordinated School Health Program

The SAHRC operates the Bienestar/Neema preschool through 8th grade, coordinated school health programs. The Bienestar/Neema school health program components consist of structured curriculums aimed at the four environments that influence children’s health behaviors—home, classroom, gym, and school food service.


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What People Say

"What you guys [Bienestar] do here, what you do for us...it's so important because no one else is here to do it... I have been involved with the program since it started and I think it's a great curriculum."

— Japhet Elementary, San Antonio Independent School District

What People Say

"The kids are so much more self-conscious now about the choices they make. One student will get chocolate milk for breakfast and the other kids will remind him he needs to get white milk at lunch. That kind of awareness wasn't around before the program."


— Brewer Elementary, SAISD

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