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The SAHRC is committed to improving the social and health well-being of populations at-risk. Check out these helpful tips with valuable information straight from the team of researchers at the SAHRC!

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Women Practicing Pilates Pilates is a type of exercise that increases your flexibility, muscle tone, and strength. It focuses on your core, which ...
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Three Common Fruits

Fruit Basket Fruits are essential in improving overall health while reducing the risk of diseases. They are an excellent source ...
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If you love to dance and want to have fun while working out, Zumba is a great choice of workout ...
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Three Common Vegetables

Having a diet that is rich in vegetables is essential for your health because they contain nutrients that the body ...
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Yoga is a movement practice that promotes physical and mental health in both adults and children. There are several types ...
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Mental Illness

Mental illnesses affect a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, or behavior. Depression and anxiety are the most common forms of mental ...
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Breakfast: Quick, Easy, Healthy

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day since it breaks your overnight fasting. Eating early replenishes ...
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Nutrition Do's and Don'ts

Nutrition Do’s and Don’ts

Nutrition is important for growth and development. It helps maintain body weight and reduces the risk of chronic disease leading ...
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Moderate Intensity Physical Activity Zumba

Exercise Intensity Levels

Moderate Exercise: Zumba Adults are supposed to engage in 150+ minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week! How are ...
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Taco Recipes

Tacos and Toppings Everything really does taste better in a taco; whether it be ingredients for meat lovers, ingredients for ...
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