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The SAHRC is committed to improving the social and health well-being of populations at-risk. Check out these helpful tips with valuable information straight from the team of researchers at the SAHRC!

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Baked Veggie Ziti Recipe

Baked Veggie Ziti

Baked Veggie Ziti Who said lasagna had to be unhealthy?! While this recipe may be for baked Ziti, you can ...
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Walk the Turkey Trot with the SAHRC

Wondering how to get ready for the Turkey Trot? Ready to just get back into walking? Does walking at 5K ...
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Resources from Humana

Did you know that Humana has a monthly calendar full of resources to help you learn more about health?! With ...
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Tomato Cucumber Salad

Ready in 15 min Serves 8 people 125 calories Total per serving Ingredients 1 Long Cucumber 1 Pint of Cherry ...
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Interval Running

Running can be an intimidating exercise at times. Long distances can seem unachievable, and many people find it difficult to ...
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Spring Veggie Frittata

Ready in 30 min Serves 6 ppl 134 calories Total per serving Ingredients 6 large eggs ¼ cup of milk. ...
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