Women Practicing Pilates
Women Practicing Pilates

Pilates is a type of exercise that increases your flexibility, muscle tone, and strength. It focuses on your core, which includes your abdomen and lower back. Based on the type of exercise you want to perform, you can use a reformer machine, a mat, or a blanket.  

Guide to Pilates  

  • Engage your abdomen and lower back  
  • Concentrate on each movement  
  • Control your breathing  
  • Work on flowing movement patterns

Benefits of Pilates  

  • It is therapeutic because it relaxes your muscles and strengthens them with movement and breath control 
  • It helps with body alignment while also improving your posture 
  • Can help with lower back pain  
  • Promotes body awareness  

There are many different ways to perform Pilates, however, the most common practice is the use of a reformer machine and a mat.

  • A reformer machine – is a bed-like machine with straps, shoulder pads, and a foot bar. Helps in aligning the body and stability.  
  • Exercise Mat – a thick pad that is used on the floor to separate your body from the floor. It is considered the trickiest way of practicing because it is harder to hold positions and perform the moves due to no assistance from a strap. Although, utilizing a mat makes it easier to do wider movements.  
Pilates Reformer Machine


  • Was created for the rehabilitation of war soldiers by Joseph Pilates  
  • Is not a version of yoga but is a form of resistance training  
  • It is suited to men, women, and children  
  • It is an exercise choice for many celebrities  
  • The creator of Pilates is known as the “Contrology” 
  • Original mat Pilates consisted of 34 sequences  

Below is the testimony of Tony, an athlete who is a client at Ballet Austin who has had a major breakthrough with pain management from doing Pilates after experiencing chronic pain for 10 years. Not only does he feel better physically, but it also increased his body and physical awareness. 

Pilates Testimony

Now your turn; check out this beginner’s video to do in your living room using a mat.

Beginner Mat Pilates

Here is a beginner’s video on Pilates using a reformer machine. Do not try this yourself if you are unfamiliar with the equipment.

Reformer Machine Beginner Pilates








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