Sugar, Azúcar

Sugar: this sweet substance that we crave. We add it to coffee and tea. It comes in packs, bags, bottles, jars. This sweet savory chemical our body craves.

Is sugar really bad though?

In all honesty it depends:

There is the Fructose; a natural sugar that is produced from the earth and pollination. The good for you sugar your body can break down with ease. This type does not make your body work harder, it helps turn this carbs you just ate into fuel to wake your body up, especially when the 2:00 pm work hour roles around.

Then there is the man made sugar such artificial sweeteners, which have been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc…Your body craves this sugar. It is very addicting and you cant get enough of it. It is also a very harsh chemical that your body works over time to try and use it as fuel. It puts your body into over drive often causing that 2pm crash.

So the next time you’re feeling the 2pm rundown, don’t reach for a coke or coffee. Crab a glass of ice cold water and take a quick lap around the office or so some squats at your desk. You need to wake up!!! Not sugar overload.

The Social and Health Research Center