Dinning Out

You know that feeling when you’re exhausted from work?

It has been a long day. You’re exhausted from work and 5 O’Clock traffic. The last thing on your mind is dinner, but everyone is hungry. Being the quick thinker you are,you pile the family into to the car and head out to dinner because dishes are just a no go tonight.

You find your favorite burger spot and pull in. Everyone is out of the car and at the table. You pull open the menu and it hits you…nothing on this menu looks healthy. You begin to think your new choice of making a life style change is DOOMED!!!

But……It really does not have to be in the end of the world. There are many ways to make a a dinning out unhealthy meal, healthy and satisfying.

So you go to order and here is what you do:

  • Ask for a whole wheat or whole grain bun. Nix the white bread (too much sugar and starch).
  • See if they offer turkey or chicken rather then opting for the patty.
  • Add some green to your burger! Don’t be afraid of the lettuce and tomato on your burger!
  • French Fries?? HARD PASS! See if you can have carrot sticks on the side or portion control your fries if they are absolutely necessary
  • Ask for a side salad with lemon on the side.
  • Pass on the Soda (even diet isn’t good for you). Try un-sweet tea, if you need the sweetest opt for the tea that is pre-sweetened (save your pancreas!!!)

The number 1 most important rule to remember though is once you are satisfied STOP EATING!! No where in life does it say you must finish all your food. DON’T DO IT! Once you are done, cover it with a napkin and ask for a to go container.

Happy Eating!

The Social and Health Research Center