Positive Self-Talk

Every day we each have an internal dialogue with ourselves about how we feel and what we are capable of. The internal conversations can be positive or negative. Have you noticed yourself saying, “I can’t do this,” “There’s no use…,” “I am not good enough.” These negative thoughts can impact your mental and physical state. When implementing new habits like a new exercise routine or a change in your eating habits, it can be easy for doubt and negative self-talk to occur.

A tool to combat this is positive self-talk. Reframing how you talk to yourself can help you feel more confident about yourself and your abilities.

Start to pay attention to the thoughts you are having and recognize if they are positive or negative. Acknowledge any negative thoughts you may have and then change the phrase from a negative thought to a positive thought. For example, if you hear yourself saying, “ can’t do this,” start telling yourself, “I can do this.” This may seem like a trivial process, but you will slowly begin to notice a difference if you routinely incorporate it into your daily life.

Example Phrases:

  • Attempting to do this took courage, and I am proud of myself for trying.
  • Fear is only a feeling, and it cannot hold me back.
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I am proud of myself for even trying.

Starting new things can be difficult but remember to be patient and kind to yourself!
Written by: Anisha Patel

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