Micro-Affirmations… What are they?!

Many Americans deal with daily mental health struggles, especially in this time of COVID. So, what are some ways that we can help ourselves cope better with daily stressors and triggers? Try using Micro-Affirmations. Micro-Affirmations are subtle acknowledgements of a person’s value that while may seem small, make a big difference in how we feel. These can take the form of words, gestures, or actions and, even though small, speak volumes.



– Compliments are a great way to ease your way into positive affirmations. Before heading out for the day (or to your home office), look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. As you feel more confident in complimenting yourself, start to compliment others! Try and compliment yourself and one other person every day.

– Listen (really listen) to a coworker or family members story of how their weekend went, what funny thing their dog did this morning, or what new drama occurred in their favorite TV show. If they ask you a question in return, now it’s their turn to listen and your turn to be heard. Listen to listen, not to respond. Make sure that when you are listening you are doing so genuinely.


– Body language can affect you and others tremendously. Make sure that you are sitting up straight and in a comfortable position prior to starting a meeting or diving into a long project. You may even want to strike a power pose or two! Make sure that you are engaging in eye contact with people you are talking to.

– Gifts can also be small gestures that go a long way. This could be a gift to yourself, such as taking the time to make a healthy lunch for yourself, or for a coworker or family member. And gifts don’t have to cost money. It could be something as simple as taking someone the work left in the printer, bringing you’re SO a glass of water, or brewing a pot of coffee for the office.


– Hand write a card to someone. It could be a thank you card, a thinking of you card, or a let’s catch up soon card. It could even just be a funny joke or a compliment! Take the time to make someone feel appreciated.

– Make something you know others will love. Dog treats, anybody? What four-legged best friend doesn’t deserve a homemade treat?! Plus, if you make too many, these make great small gifts.

– Meditating and deep breathing exercises can also help to lower anxiety levels. Take a minute during a stressful part of your day to breathe deeply and re-center your focus, or schedule a 10 minute meditation during your lunch break.

– Asking for help takes courage and strength, but is worth it in the end. If you feel like you need to be listened to, given a glass or water, or send a card, ask for help! Take stock of how you a feeling and what may make it better in the short and long term. Then, make those things happen.

Engaging in daily micro-affirmations can help create a brighter, more positive, and more realistic outlook on today’s stressors. Small things can create big changes in the way we think, feel, and interact with the world around us.

How are you going to start incorporating affirmations in your life, today?

Sources: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10597-018-0245-9

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