Walk the Turkey Trot with the SAHRC

Wondering how to get ready for the Turkey Trot? Ready to just get back into walking? Does walking at 5K (3.1 miles) seem kind of daunting? We’re here to help. The guide below is designed to get you ready to walk with the SAHRC for the Turkey Trot benefiting the San Antonio Food Bank. But, it can also be used to kick start your walking program and get you moving!

This plan starts from the basics and works its way up to walking a 5K. If you are already walking, great! Don’t start from the beginning again! See where you fall on the plan and gently work your way up to the Turkey Trot Week goal. Our goal is to walk the 5K in 65 minutes!


  • Make sure you are maintaining good posture during your walking.
  • Don’t forget your water! It is important to stay hydrated during your walks! Find a good, easy-to-carry water bottle to make sure you’re getting in enough H2O!
  • A good pair of walking shoes are VERY important. Make sure that your shoes are supporting your feet and ankles well.



Week 1: Getting started

– Goal: walk a total of 60 – 75 minutes, 15 minutes 4-5 times per week

– Remember: if you’re just getting into walking, some shin pain is normal and usually goes away with time. Make sure you are stretching before and after your walks! And, if your shin pain persists past a few weeks, talk to your doctor.

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