Coping with the Pandemic

Nothing has tested our ability to adapt to unique circumstances quite like the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the resurgence of the virus and the Delta variant, in particular, there was a brief time where the country truly seemed to be returning to “normal.” As we look at the return of mask mandates just in time to send our children back to school, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what the next few years will look like. Many of us will experience anxiety as a result of this pandemic, and it’s important that we remember to take care of our mental health in addition to our physical health. Here are three ways to care for your emotional health during the pandemic:

  • Take a Step Away From the News

While it’s important to be informed, it can be overwhelming to review the pandemic news all the time. If listening to death tolls or arguments over the vaccine is stressful for you, then remember that it’s okay to step away from the news. Turn off the TV or log out of social media and replace it with an activity that you find calming. Give yourself space and time to breathe, and then return to the information when you’re ready to process it.

  • Reach Out to Family and Friends

Working or studying from home can be incredibly isolating for many people, especially if you’re used to spending a lot of your time in social interactions. Remember to make time to call an old friend or send a text to a family member. Talking with the people you care about can be a valuable way to destress.

  • Develop a Routine

Creating a routine has been shown to improve organization and decrease stress levels. In a time when no one knows what is coming next, creating a morning or evening routine can help you add some structure and consistency into your own life.

By: Maddie Aguilar


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