Pilates, Anyone?

Pilates can sometimes seem like a workout that requires a class or fancy equipment, but the reality is that there are many pilates exercises you can complete at home. These motions tend to place emphasis on building strength while still being low-impact enough to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your joints. Here are three Pilates movements to add to your exercise routine!

  • Roll-Up

Similar to a sit-up, this exercise will work your lower abs. Begin by laying on the ground with your arms and legs stretched out. Then, keeping your limbs stretched away from your body, sit up using your core strength to perform the motion. The motion is meant to be slow and controlled, and you will arch your back as you move through it.

  • V-Outs

Begin with your knees hugged against your chest. Then, stretch your arms and legs out so your body mimics a v-shape. Bring your knees and arms back in.

  • Criss-Cross

Lay on your back, with your upper back lifted off the ground. Make sure your core is engaged, and you aren’t using your neck for this. Then, bring your left elbow to your right knee before repeating the motion with your opposite arm and leg.


Written By: Maddie Aguilar

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