Healthy Heart Month

Happy Healthy Heart Month!

AKA February!

So far the year has been pretty good here at the Social and Health Research Center. We have made many new connections and have conducted many staff training’s on our latest TEA approved Bienestar/Neema Coordinated Health Program.

We love meeting such eager principals and coaches who value the health and wellness of their students.

The staff and I here have been an a health challenge binge! In January we did a Plank Challenge. That was tough considering two of us just had a baby. It was so much fun being able to challenge each other and motivate one another to hold time.

It also gave as another idea! Above you will see we added a calendar for February. Together, we here at the center came up with our own workout for being heart healthy during this month of love! We combined some of our favorite exercises and put them on a calendar to share with ya’ll!

Remember to stay hydrated with water during your day and make modifications to your workout as you see fit!

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