Marching into March

Can you believe its March already?!?!


I feel like we just rang in the New Year and yet here we are 90 days later!

How are those weight loss resolutions holding up?

I know for us here at the center we have kids, work, and some of us returned back to school to continue our education. We have been pretty busy doing a whole lot!

Whether it is kids, work, family, or just life in general finding time to exercise is not always easy.

If we are not away at training or conducting site visits we are at our desks filing reports. Sometimes sitting can make us stir crazy. However, we have found ways to combat the wiggles (for lack of a better word.

Some of us have peddlers (mini stationary bikes) under our desks that we use to help keep us sane. Others of us sit on medicine balls to help us stay balanced and use to bounce on. Both of these methods help keep us a wake and active.

How do you combat the 2pm blunders?

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