April Showers Bring May Flowers

According to the ADA, April is Physical Activity Month! Of course here at the Research Center we are thrilled! We love getting out in the community are soaking up all nature has to offer. While perusing some workouts we stumbled across this total body workout!

If you notice there are REST DAYS labeled. Have you ever wondered why it is important to have rest days? Our body needs a chance to recover from the challenges of everyday life and workouts. Our bodies need to recover from a new routine. Our muscles are than able to repair themselves and grow.

If you are anything like me and your upper body is week, then you are going to want to MODIFY your workouts. But what is modify? What does that even man? All it means is that you find an alternative way to do your workout to accommodate your body. For me that challenging section is my noodle arms. I have the worst upper body strength imaginable! Push-ups and dips have always been a challenge for me.

To help with this I modify my workouts. I make them easier for me to accomplish so that I can get the best out of my workouts.

Source: http://mommart.blogspot.com/2014/01/30-day-fitness-challenge-full-body.html

Happy Training!

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