Here we are….

5 months since everyone made those resolutions.

5 months since those infamous get fit goals.

and in between these 5 months numerous holidays have passed through.

With the ever changing months our resolutions change and become altered.

BUT have no fear cause we are here to make sure that everyone’s health goals are being met.

We at the CENTER understand that not everyone has the same shape body. We are not all created the same, but that does not mean we can not strive to make changes to become and stay healthy.

Typically we focus on children here at the center, but we have started something new!

We want to help everyone. People are who we aim to please, so lets make people healthy.

We will be launching a new program targeting ADULTS! A healthy initiative that does not require you to purchase:

  • meal supplements
  • starve your body
  • extreme diet
  • fad diet
  • cleanse

We ARE CDC recognized!

So give us call! (210) 355-8443 or check us out on facebook @social and health research center.

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The Social and Health Research Center