Back Pain Alleviation for Everyone

Who Gets Back Pain?

Although lower back pain is more common in older adults, kids and younger adults also can experience this problem. Pre-existing conditions, like arthritis, can contribute to developing back pain. Excess weight, muscle strain from heaving lifting, and depression and anxiety are also risk factors. For some people, chronic back pain can lead to disability. 

Back pain can feel like a lot of different sensations, from a light ache to a shooting and burning feeling. An aching back can interfere with daily life. 

Stretches to Alleviate Back Pain - Woman Stretching with Both Hands Interlocked Behind her Back
Woman Stretching with Both Hands Interlocked Behind her Back

How to Alleviate Back Pain

  1. Start integrating light movement into your daily routine, such as a short morning yoga routine. Poses such as the cat-cow, forward fold, and extended child’s pose are great for stretching your back.
  2. Engage in regular exercise that feels best for your body. Improving your muscle flexibility and strength can help you work toward and maintain a weight that is healthy for you. There will be less pressure on your joints and body, which will help fight back pain!
  3. Work on your posture. Setting small reminders on a phone or sticky notes can remind you throughout the day to sit up a little straighter and relax your shoulders.
  4. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Especially if you work at a desk job or attend school, getting up a few times an hour to walk around for a few minutes or stretch will better support your back.
  5. Go for a swim! There are different aquatic exercises, including simply walking through chest-high water, that can relax your muscles.

Regular exercise, light stretching, and making small changes to your daily routine will make a big difference in supporting your back. Even for those without back pain, these practices are beneficial for everyone. 

By Illana Issula


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