River City Produce – Eat Healthy This Summer

Eating healthy can be hard! And with rising prices at the grocery store and kids at home asking for snacks all day long, families need help. River City Produce has answered the call with their Consumer/Essentials Box.

River City Produce

River City Produce has supplied Texas with fresh fruits and vegetables for the past 30+ years. Their hard work and strong family values have made them a staple here in San Antonio. They are located near downtown, just off of IH 35 at S. Laredo St., for fast and convenient shopping and pickup! They also have strong commitments to be responsible corporate stewards of the environment through their sustainability and recycling efforts. And their new initiative is to be more involved in the community through their consumer boxes.

Consumer/Essential Boxes

Each box will contain 15-20 lbs worth of fresh fruits and vegetables and costs only $20! You can head over to 1616 S. Laredo St. San Antonio, TX 78207, and tell them you are here a Consumer or Essential Box. Each week the boxes will contain different kinds of products to give you and your family variety. You can also check their Facebook page for other current deals or ask for an order guide to purchase additional produce. Many of their products are in large quantities but check for their offerings of ~5 lbs for a more household-friendly amount.

Remember, many fruits and vegetables freeze well too! So, 5 lbs of strawberries could be snacks this week and popsicles or smoothies next week! This is also a great way to make meal prepping much more affordable. Take a look at what they have to offer when you are planning your weekly meals, and try and incorporate some of their 5 lbs offerings into your recipes. This can help you reduce your grocery budget greatly!

By Bonnie Berkley

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