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Benefits of Physical Activity Poster

Physical activity is any form of movement with the body which uses energy. Engaging in activity on a regular is important for your health. It is recommended for both adults and children to engage in physical activity weekly. Children need about 60 minutes (1 hour) of activity per day (300 minutes per week = 5 hours per week). While adults need 30 minutes per day (150 minutes per week = 2.5 hours a week). 


Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Adults (CDC)
  • Improve brain health  
  • Helps manage your weight (Maintain and loss weight) 
  • Reduce the risk of disease (obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc.) 
  • Strengthens your bones and muscle  
  • Improve your ability to engage in everyday activity and prevent falls  
  • Increase your chance to live longer  
  • Manage chronic health and disabilities  

Types of physical activity 

  • Walking 
  • Dancing  
  • Running  
  • Swimming  
  • Pilates  
  • Yoga 
  • Sports (tennis, basketball, etc.) 
  • Bicycle  

Now we challenge you! 

  • Here is a workout video to get you started: Attach a workout video
  • Within 1 Month of engaging in physical activity, have you experienced any changes in your life?  
Children playing hula hoop in a grassy field

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